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allows you to literally hit the ground running and get your work done in no time. Experience the power of AI Reader and create engaging multimedia content in minutes! Just upload your PPT file and let AI Reader do the rest. Fast, easy and no tech-savvy required – you can start creating slides, audio, and video clips all in one package right away. Try it now and get professional-looking content fast!

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How does the automatic creation of videos from a PowerPoint (PPT) file work using deepfake technology?

The video is created using deepfake technology, which uses artificial intelligence to create realistic-looking videos. It takes the text, images, and audio from the PPT file and brings them to life with realistic facial expressions and lip movements. Deepfake technology also enables you to add a virtual presenter to the video, making it even more engaging.

Create Professional-Looking Videos from Your PowerPoint: Deepfake Technology Simplifies the Process

This deepfake technology allows you to quickly and effortlessly create high-quality videos from your PowerPoint (PPT) file. Simply upload the PPT file and a video is automatically generated. You don't have to worry about any complicated video editing or production – the entire process is done for you. With this deepfake technology, you can save time and energy while getting access to a professional-looking video that can be used as course material.

also offers a library of stock images, videos, and music to make your video even more professional.

also uses deepfake technology to help you create realistic-looking videos from your PPT files. This technology allows you to insert your own face into the video, making it look as if you are talking to the camera, and even adding your own voice to the video. With AI Reader, you can create professional-looking videos from your PowerPoint presentations in no time.

How to create AI video online

1. Open the AI Studios

First, sign up for AI studios and openthe editor. You can choose from various templates.

2. Edit and export

Enter the prepared script. You can add oredit everything from titles, images to videos.

3. Generate video automatically

When you press the Export button, AIvideo generator creates a video. It’s fast and easy.

AI Reader offers a library of stock images, videos, and music to make videos even more professional.

You don't have to worry about the audio, as the text-to-speech (TTS) generator will read out the text in the slides. You can even customize the audio speed and language to suit your needs. With the TTS generator, you can easily create a professional-looking video in minutes.

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