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Create professional and effective training videos without the need for cameras, actors, or mics.

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Personalized & Effective Training Videos

Transform boring presentations & text documents into training videos your team won't skip.

Personalized Onboarding Videos

By simply editing the script, you can create fully customized onboarding videos to welcome new hires.

Editable Workflow Demos

No reshoots with AI Studios. Update workflow demos in minutes and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Skill Development Training

With multi-scene avatars, you can show, not tell, target skills in action. Great for sales, leadership, and communication training!

Generate L&D Videos at Scale
with Powerful AI Tools

AI Avatars for Every Audience

Create training videos by choosing from over 80 diverse AI avatars, helping promote a culture of inclusivity in your organization.

  • Diverse selection of age, ethnicity, gender, and personality

  • Natural body movements & customizable gestures

  • Create a custom AI avatar for on-brand, personalized content

Training Videos for Teams Worldwide

Convert text-to-speech into voiceovers in more than 80 languages, reaching your teams anywhere in the world.

  • 100+ voices in a variety of genders, dialects, and tones

  • Use One-Click Translation to localize videos into many languages effortlessly

Designed for Teams & Enterprise

Collaborate effortlessly with teams anywhere, anytime with our Team or Enterprise Plan.

  • Keep consistent with shared fonts, logos, images, templates & more

  • Work with your team in the same environment

Create Training Videos in 3 Easy Steps

Start a Video Project

Create your video and script from scratch or let our AI text-to-video tools do it for you—just upload a link, document, or type in a prompt, and watch your content come to life!


Customize & Edit

Get creative! Apply our templates, swap out the AI avatar, experiment with colors and fonts, and add images or videos to add your personal touch to the video.


Generate & Share

When you're ready, hit "generate" and watch your AI avatar come to life, delivering your script perfectly. Then, download and share your video wherever you like!


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Make video creation effortless with AI Studios.
Just type, paste, or upload, and have a video created in minutes.

More Features to Boost Training Video Creation

AI Video Generator

Custom Voice Upload

Upload or record your own voice, and our AI avatar will lip-sync to it perfectly.

AI Video Generator

Multi-Avatar Scenes

Simulate conversations and interactions to train effective customer communication and appropriate team interactions.

AI Video Generator

Training Video Templates

Jumpstart video creation with our professionally designed, customizable templates.

AI Video Generator

Screen Recording

Screen capture makes it easy to share tutorials and demos, helping deliver and clarify complex instructions more effectively.

AI Video Generator


Instantly generate video drafts, including scripts, footage, and AI avatar narration—all from a single prompt.

AI Video Generator


Upload a PDF or PPT to instantly create a training video, complete with scripts, footage, and AI avatar narration, all within minutes.

AI Video Generator

Avatar Gesture Control

Level up your AI avatars by directing their gestures—have them point, wave, give a thumbs up, and more to boost interaction!

AI Video Generator

Auto Captions

Generate subtitles in seconds to engage viewers who watch without sound, making your videos more accessible.

for Training Videos

Stylized, editable templates for any video need.

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