Marketing Templates

Use AI Studios’ marketing video templates to create personalized, impactful campaigns. Effortlessly enhance your email and digital marketing with video.

Advance reservation guide
Wine shop Notice
Motorcycle Sales banner
taste of summer juice
super car branding AD
Movie introduced by AI human
motorcycle helmet sales
Perfume AD
Laptop Sales
amazon_headphones sale
Travel_early bird
Super Mario_Download
Discover Your Best Skin
tourist attractions_usa
Electric bicycle
Unisex Beige Suit
Best burger
Stylish Necklace Collection
Comfortable Sofa
23FW Standing Lamp
Healthy Dog Food
baby bottle
Commerce : AD
fidget toy
Elegance Refrigerator
High Quality Silk Pajamas
digital marketing
Start-up ad
live commerce
Stock App Introduction
speak now_ad
Limited Edition Jewerly
Water Gel Mask
M_forest fire prevention
M_Stock App Introduction
M_Advance reservation guide
M_Wine shop Notice
M_taste of summer juice
M_Motorcycle Sales banner
M_Movie introduced by AI human
M_super car branding AD
M_motorcycle helmet sales
M_Perfume AD
M_Laptop Sales
M_Travel_early bird
M_amazon_headphones sale
M_Super Mario_Download
M_Discover Your Best Skin
Razors Limited Sale
M_Razors Limited Sale
M_tourist attractions_usa
M_Electric bicycle
Daily fashion
M_Best burger
M_Daily fashion
Running Shoes
M_Stylish Necklace Collection
M_Running Shoes
M_Water Gel Mask
M_Unisex Beige Suit
M_Comfortable Sofa
M_High Quality Silk Pajamas
Bluetooth Keyboard
M_Bluetooth Keyboard
M_ Interior_ad
M_Elegance Refrigerator
M_fidget toy
M_camera tripod
M_Limited Edition Jewerly
Fitness center
Unique Fashion Mall Sale
M_Fitness center
M_baby bottle
M_Unique Fashion Mall Sale
M_23FW Standing Lamp
M_Healthy Dog Food
2024 Football
Microsoft Office
M_2024 Football
M_speak now_ad
M_Best item dryer
M_Microsoft Office
Best item dryer
M_Casual Game
camera tripod

Templates FAQ

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

Can I customize the marketing templates to fit my brand identity?

Yes, you can customize our marketing templates to perfectly match your brand identity. Tailor everything from the color palette and fonts to the avatar’s style and speech to align with your brand's voice. This customization ensures that every video consistently reflects your brand’s image. We also offer a brand kit accessible to anyone in your team plan to help create consistent marketing videos using shared fonts, logos, and assets.

Is it complicated to use AI Studios for making marketing videos?

Not at all! AI Studios is designed to be user-friendly, allowing marketers to create professional-quality videos without any prior video production experience. Our platform's intuitive controls and drag-and-drop functionality make it simple to customize templates and produce compelling marketing content easily and quickly.

How can I use AI Studios’ templates for email marketing campaigns?

AI Studios' templates can supercharge your email marketing campaigns by allowing you to create personalized videos quickly. For instance, you can easily adjust the names and details in your scripts to address individual recipients directly, enhancing personal connection without the need to reshoot any footage. This personalized approach significantly boosts engagement and response rates from your emails.

How easy is it to update information in videos created with AI Studios?

One of the best features of AI Studios is the ability to update information in your videos without refilming. Simply edit the script in the video editor, and AI Studios will regenerate the video with the new details in minutes. This makes it incredibly efficient to keep your content current and relevant, saving you time and effort while maintaining a high standard of quality.