How to: Create Company Profile Video

January 3, 2023
How To

Using an AI avatar to present a company introduction can be a useful and innovative way to engage your audience and stand out from competitors. An AI avatar can deliver a personalized and interactive experience for your audience, providing them with the opportunity to learn about your company in a more dynamic and engaging way.

To make the most of this approach, it's important to carefully design the AI avatar to effectively convey the key information about your company and its products or services. This might include information about your company's history, mission and vision, key team members, and any special expertise or capabilities you have in your industry.

Using an AI avatar to present a company introduction can be a powerful and effective way to showcase your business and engage your audience. By carefully designing the AI avatar to effectively convey your company's unique strengths and capabilities, you can create a compelling and memorable experience for your audience.

Just upload the PPT to AI Studios and the AI avatar will read it in the text you want. It's really simple to make.

Take a look at our sample company profile.

Now, I will walk you through how to make video.

Insert ppt slide

Prepare the company introduction ppt that you have already created
Insert a note into the ppt sheet and put in what you want to explain.
Insert PowerPoint. You can drag or select a file to insert.
Please note that only 16:9 pptx is supported.

After inserting the PPT, the text part is automatically inserted.

Select the desired model and click Audio Preview to test how the AI ​​model will speak in the output.
Audio Preview is in the lower right corner of the text field.
At this time, credits do not decrease.

Select model position

Even for the same model, you can set the full version to come out, a circle shape that shows only the head, or only the voice.

It is effective to set it differently according to the characteristics of the table.

Spacing / Speed

Choose the time interval you want.
Insert it where you need it.

You can adjust the speaking speed.

Adjust from slow to fast in multiple steps to test before video compositing with audio preview.

AI STUDIOS is one of the best AI platforms that lets you create professional videos for your marketing, sales, documentaries, presentations, YouTube, and other social media channels. These AI experts will make videos but at an affordable rate.

Let us learn about this AI Generator in detail!

Video Maker:

You can use AI STUDIOS to generate a video from the script within minutes. Unlike many other video maker software, it can create long videos, making it suitable for creating engaging videos.

As far as its usage is concerned, this video platform is straightforward to use. After signing up or logging in, these are the essential things to do:

  • Type your scripts first.
  • Customize or choose an AI avatar (your presenter), design, and background.
  • Upload background music and images to make the video suit your brand voice.

That is all you need to do. Subsequently, AI STUDIOS will analyze the scripts that you write down. You will get your video ready to be downloaded within a short period after it is detected as appropriate (according to the guidelines).

All AI STUDIOS videos have AI avatars and voice narrators. Everything depends upon the input you will provide. These avatars are considered ultrarealistic virtual humans. But as they are virtual, their gestures and body language are flawless. It would be impossible for you to distinguish them from real humans.

Moreover, the narration of AI STUDIOS is also remarkable. After turning your text to speech (TTS), the avatar speaks ideally like a native speaker and accurately per the scripts provided. Hence, the audience will completely understand all the messages it conveys.

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