Three Reasons Why News Stations are Using AI Anchor

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June 23, 2024
December 13, 2023

AI News Anchors will soon be commonplace on news networks.

In recent years, the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have paved the way for groundbreaking applications in various industries. One such industry that is on the verge of a major transformation is news broadcasting. With the rise of AI news anchors, coupled with custom avatars and AI video generation, we can expect significant changes in how news is delivered, the cost-effectiveness of production, and the accuracy of news reporting. In this article, we will explore the growing presence of AI news anchors and the integration of custom avatars and AI video generation, showcasing their potential to revolutionize the field of journalism.

AI News Anchors with Custom Avatars

AI news anchors, powered by custom avatars and AI video generation, offer the unparalleled ability to provide the fastest breaking news updates in the world. Utilizing custom avatars, AI systems can create lifelike virtual news presenters that deliver news with engaging visuals and human-like expressions. With AI video generation, these virtual news presenters can instantly analyze vast amounts of data from multiple sources, generating real-time updates on developing stories. This fusion of custom avatars and AI video generation enables news networks to deliver breaking news with unprecedented speed, keeping viewers constantly informed and captivated.

In the event of an emergency, such as severe weather, an AI Anchor can quickly deliver new video and release breaking news content faster than traditional broadcasters

With AI Avatar, the script immediately becomes a news video, saving at least 10 to 20 minutes in breaking news time.

*In fact, some stations are already using voice AI to save time.


Cost-Efficient News Video Production with AI Generators

The integration of custom avatars and AI video generator in news production brings forth significant cost efficiencies. With custom avatars, news networks can create virtual news presenters that do not require costly human resources such as anchors, reporters, or production staff.

These avatars can be available 24/7, eliminating the need for breaks or shifts and reducing production costs. Additionally, AI video generation automates repetitive tasks, such as script reading, teleprompter operations, and video editing, streamlining the production process and optimizing resource allocation.

This combination of custom avatars and AI video generator enables news organizations to achieve cost savings and allocate resources to other critical areas of news production.

If the station uses AI Anchor, the annual savings are expected to be around $400,000.

  • One standby announcer: $80,000
  • Three to four film directors and staff: $200,000
  • Filming equipment: $120,000
  • Studio: opportunity cost space for breaking news


Error-Free Message Delivery

Even the most skilled human anchors can make pronunciation errors or show surprise in unexpected situations. However, AI news anchors excel in delivering messages without mistakes. While human anchors may unintentionally mispronounce words, stumble over lines, or convey incorrect information, AI anchors eliminate these concerns. Through deep learning algorithms and advanced speech synthesis technologies, AI news anchors deliver news with impeccable pronunciation, clarity, and consistency. This ensures viewers receive accurate information in a precise and reliable manner, establishing trust in the news network and minimizing the risk of miscommunication.



The emergence of AI news anchors represents a significant milestone in the news industry. Through custom avatars and AI video generation, news networks can swiftly deliver breaking news, reduce production costs, and ensure higher message accuracy. AI news anchors can complement human reporters, revolutionizing the efficiency and effectiveness of news broadcasts.

As these technologies continue to advance, AI Studios plays a vital role in driving the transformation of news production and consumption in the digital age, offering tremendous potential for innovation in the news industry.


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Q. What is the meaning of AI anchor?

An AI anchor, also known as a virtual news anchor or synthetic news anchor, is a computer-generated representation of a human news anchor. It uses advanced AI technologies such as natural language processing, speech synthesis, and computer vision to generate realistic and human-like speech and movements. AI anchors can be used to deliver news and other information in a manner similar to traditional human news anchors. They are often used by news organizations to reduce production costs and increase efficiency.

Q. How do AI news anchors work?

AI news anchors operate through a comprehensive process involving several stages:

  • Text Generation: The initial phase involves generating the textual content that the AI anchor will deliver.
  • Speech Synthesis: The generated text is then transformed into lifelike speech using advanced speech synthesis technology.
  • Facial Animation: To enhance the human-like qualities, facial animation is employed to synchronize expressions with the spoken words.
  • Video Generation: Finally, the entire presentation, including synthesized speech and facial expressions, is compiled into a video format. This holistic approach results in a seamless and realistic AI news anchor performance.

Q. Who is the AI-powered news anchor?

South Korean channel MBN introduced AI Kim, an AI-powered news anchor developed by DeepBrain AI, closely resembling the real anchor Kim Ju-ha in appearance and voice.

Q. Is AI an anchor robot?

An AI anchor is not a physical robot; it is a computer-generated representation existing solely in the digital realm, utilizing advanced AI technologies like natural language processing, speech synthesis, and computer vision.

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