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February 19, 2024
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February 16, 2024


DeepBrain AI, a pioneer in generative AI video technology, specializes in creating AI avatars or virtual humans.Established in 2016, DeepBrain AI is headquartered in Seoul, with offices in Palo Alto, California, and Shanghai, China.The process of creating AI avatars involves capturing facial expressions, voice, and habits through video recording and using this data to build AI models. It features a user-friendly interface and integration with Chat GPT for easy script writing.


Applications of AI Avatars

Retail Support‍

β–Ά Demonstrated through a project with 7-Eleven, showcasing virtual humans providing customer support in unmanned stores.


β–Ά Showing AI avatars being used as news anchors, such as the digital twin of a famous Premier League player created for AIA, an insurance company.

AI Interview Solution‍

β–Ά DeepBrain AI's latest product simplifies the interview process by allowing candidates to respond to custom questions at their convenience.Benefits include flexible scheduling, AI summary generation, and convenient review.


Demonstration of AI Interviews

Using Darth Vader as a candidate, the AI interview process is demonstrated.The AI interviewer interacts with the candidate, records responses, and provides summaries for easy review.



1. How do you verify the interviewer's identity?

Candidates receive an email confirming their responses, a common method used in university admissions and other processes.

2. Can AI generate follow-up questions?

Not currently, but future updates may enable AI to generate questions based on previous answers, including candidates asking about the company.

3. Can AI change candidate emotions?

No, the AI interviewer currently maintains a friendly demeanor without altering emotions, although this may change in the future.

4. Will there be fully realistic 3D characters?

We're working on releasing 3D characters with more realistic features, including lip movements and emotional expressions, expected soon.



Considering the advancements in AI and its positive outlook for the future, we can anticipate the dawn of a new era. For more detailed information, please refer to Youtube.


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