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July 4, 2024
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March 13, 2024



Recently released by DeepBrain AI, AI Studios 3.2 has opened up new horizons in video content creation. This version innovates the user experience while expanding the possibilities of video production, providing users with a more intuitive and creative working environment. A detailed overview of this can be found below.


Main Features of AI Studios 3.2

1. UI Improvement and Introduction of New Features

AI Studios 3.2 dramatically improves the UI, enhancing the user experience. Users can now work in a much more intuitive and efficient environment than before. Additionally, new features have been introduced, making the video production process even smoother.

2. Precise Gesture Control and Multi-Avatar Conversations

In this update, AI Studios introduces precise gesture control and multi-avatar conversation features. This allows users to have more detailed control over avatar movements and create interactive videos more effectively.

3. Integration with Shutterstock and AI Media Generator

AI Studios 3.2 integrates with Shutterstock and introduces the AI Media Generator, allowing users to easily find and use millions of free images, videos, and music. Furthermore, through the AI Media Generator, users can generate their own images or videos, increasing the freedom of content creation.

4. Customizable Fonts and Logo Import

In this update, AI Studios introduces the ability to directly import customizable fonts and logos. This enables users to apply their branding more easily.

5. Enhanced Audio Editing and Automatic Subtitling

Audio editing features are enhanced, allowing for more precise control over background music and sound effects. Additionally, automatic subtitling features are improved, enhancing the visual quality of videos.



1. Image and Text Sources‍

Images come from Shutterstock or are AI-generated, while text is either user-provided or AI-generated.

2. Editing AI Avatar Pronunciation‍

Users can adjust AI avatar pronunciation using the text editor's dictionary function.

3. API Integration Feasibility‍

API access is available with higher plans, allowing integration into users' systems.

4. Content Repurposing with Video URLs‍

Compatibility with YouTube can be tested for repurposing content, although some platforms may be blocked.

5. Language Support and Multilingual Features

AI Studios supports over 80 languages for video creation.



The new features and enhanced user experience of AI Studios 3.2 have revolutionized the video production process. Users can now create videos more easily and generate a wider range of creative content. DeepBrain AI's AI Studios 3.2 sets a new standard for video production, providing users with a more efficient and creative working environment. For more detailed information, please refer to the webinar video.


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