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Realistic AI avatars, natural text-to-speech, and powerful AI video creation capabilities all in one platform.  Accelerate your video projects at scale with AI-powered text-to-video.

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Convert Text to Video in Minutes

Redefine video creation with our AI-powered convert-to-video tools.
Create editable, stylized video drafts in minutes.

Topic to Video

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Produce on-trend videos from simple prompts, keeping your content fresh and engaging for followers

Article to Video

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Create educational videos from prompts, offering a visual and interactive learning experience for students of all ages and needs

Docs to Video

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Generate promotional videos from brief descriptions, efficiently conveying your brand's message and values

URL to Video

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Craft concise, engaging videos from just a prompt, breaking down complicated concepts into clear, understandable pieces

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Scale Video Production with AI Avatars

Avatar Gesture Control

Dictate avatar gestures & movements — from greetings and hand raises to pointing — right within your script.

Multi-Language AI Text to Speech

Generate studio-quality voiceovers from just text in over 80 languages with 100+ lifelike AI voices.

Multi-Avatar Scenes

Add more than one avatar to your videos to create on-screen interactions and conversations - perfect for training, presentations, or storytelling videos.

AI Avatars

Select the perfect AI narrator from a diverse range of ethnicities, genders, outfits, and personas.

Conversational AI Human

AI Humans listen and respond, offering a lifelike, human element to digital conversations.

DeepBrain AI conversational AI Avatars can be fine-tuned and integrated with your existing chatbot system or any Large Language Model like ChatGPT, InWorld, and more!

Experience natural conversations in more than 80 languages, with a 96.5% similarity to real human interactions and response times under 2 seconds.

AI Humans are available 24/7 for prompt, customized customer service and support.

Create AI Videos in Just 3 Easy Steps

Start a Video Project

Start with a template or jumpstart your video creation by using any of the tools in our AI Automation Suite (Topic, URL, Article, Docs to Video) to create a stylized first video draft.

Customize & Edit

Select an AI avatar and voice that align with your video's theme and audience.  Then, fine-tune your script & refine your message, and add engaging images and video clips to visually enrich the visual experience.

Finish and Download

When you're ready, hit "generate" and watch your AI avatar come to life, delivering your script perfectly. You can then download & share your video on social media,  email, or any platform you choose.

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

Type or Generate Your Script

Simply input your script into our editor. Alternatively, let our ChatGPT script assistant help you, providing grammar advice, creative ideas, and translations across over 80 languages

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Video Creation Simplified
with the Best AI Video Generator

AI Script Assistant

Grammar check, translate text, and brainstorm video ideasall within our editor.

Screen Recording

Deliver messages with clarity by capturing your screen, making complex instructions easier to grasp than text or speech alone.

AI Art Generator

No more endlessly searching for the perfect image or video. Generate custom, on-brand visuals and videos by typing in what you need with our AI-driven art generator.

Brand Kit

Import custom fonts and company logos directly in the editor for greater creative control, visual impact, and brand consistency.

Stock Asset Library

Find perfect images, videos, and music for your video. Explore millions of stock assets for easy video creation.

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Professionally-crafted, editable presentation slides, social media videos, broadcast-ready news sets, and much more

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AI Studios is my favorite one to use out of them all! I really liked how up-to-date the features are.

Erica C.
Special Needs Behavior Specialist

AI Studios is a powerful tool for creating AI-generated videos using basic text.

Kumail M.
Social Media Manager

AI video generation streamlines the process of creating video content. It can quickly convert text-based information into engaging videos.

Rey Ireneo
Training Specialist

AI Studios allows users to quickly prototype and test new ideas, which can lead to innovation and new discoveries.

M. Taqi
Technical Recruiter

AI Studios eliminates the need for freelancers to invest in expensive hardware or software, making it a cost-effective solution.

Gie Marie
Business Development Manager

We’re Here to Answer All Your Questions

If you’re new to AI Studios or looking to supercharge your video creation workflow, our FAQ section will help you learn more about our features.

What is the best way to convert text to video?

The best way to quickly convert text to video is by using an AI video generator like DeepBrain AI or D-ID. This software uses AI to generate digital content by processing text instructions and input, eliminating the need for shooting, editing, and hiring actors. The tool offers diverse and realistic AI avatars, supports multiple languages with natural voices, and has user-friendly interfaces.

What are the benefits of using an AI video generator?

AI video generators offer high-quality, customizable content creation, cost-effectiveness, and hyper-realistic AI avatars with lifelike voices, movements, and appearance. With these AI tools, you don't need cameras, microphones, or actors, allowing you to create professional video content quickly and with little to no experience required.

Do AI video generators support multi-language?

AI video generators like Deepbrain AI support multiple languages and translation services. Deepbrain AI provides text-to-speech capabilities in over 80 languages, with natural accents and voices. It also offers a variety of avatars representing different nationalities, making it easy to create localized videos at scale.

How can AI be used to generate video scripts?

Using ChatGPT, you can generate video scripts, brainstorm ideas, check grammar, and even translate your script. Deepbrain AI integrates ChatGPT into their AI video generator, making it easily accessible during the video creation process. It can also help convert text to video using powerful generative AI capabilities. You can also use any of AI Studios' AI Automation Suite tools to easily create pro-quality first video drafts, complete with script, footage, and AI avatar-led narration.

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